Getting Started


Abby is an open-source, fully-typed Feature Flagging & Remote Config service made for developers.

It aims to be the simpliest way to do Feature Flags and Remote Configuration variables on your website.

We tried to make Abby as simple as possible and create the best user experience. Therefore we decided to focus on React and Next.js for now.

Getting Started

Before you're able to use Abby, you need to create a free account first. After you created your account you're able to use Abby. Make sure to read the React Docs to get started.


Here are some of the things that we believe in:

  • Simplicity - We believe that A/B testing should be as simple as possible. That's why we created Abby.
  • Security - All data is hosted in Europe and the code is open source.
  • Transparency - We don't store any user related data, everything is saved anonymously.